Training and coaching tailored to the needs of companies and SMEs

Training and coaching for companies

The importance of good communication is often underestimated in the business world. Conflicts within teams, misunderstandings on the work floor, resistance to decisions from higher up… poor communication is often a big factor in such situations. The way in which we enter into dialogue with each other has an important impact on the working atmosphere, on productivity and hence too on the results.

Uliya offers a specially tailored approach for small and medium-sized businesses, both individually and at team level, and for both employees and managers. This can range from imparting basic communication skills, such as presentation techniques and assertiveness, to refining specific skills, such as communicating with greater self-confidence and dealing with different behavioural typologies.

  • Individual coaching of employees and managers
  • Tailor-made training courses, both individually and in teams
  • Specific provision of management coaching

Uliya takes a results-oriented approach based on a specific step-by-step plan. Together we’ll map out a clear route with concrete action points for all parties involved. In certain phases in a company’s growth, intensive support may be necessary:

  • A takeover or merger
  • A change of manager
  • A reorganisation
  • Persistent conflicts within teams
  • etc.

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