Results-oriented and personal coaching


From theory to practice with a concrete action plan

You’ve attended a course, workshop or webinar on leadership, presentation techniques, assertiveness or some other communication-related theme. You feel positive, and you plan to really put it into practice this time. But when you try to do so, it doesn’t work out. Lack of time, hesitation, doubt... Whatever the reason, you feel unable to put the knowledge and insights that you have gained into practice – and that’s a shame.

Good supervision, at both individual and team level, is therefore an essential part of our approach. An experienced coach who stands at your side and tackles your action points with you according to a concrete plan: that’s the Uliya way.

Individual coaching

In this one-on-one support, we focus on a specific objective that the employee wants to achieve. In close consultation with the manager, we work towards the objective by a clearly defined route. Using concrete action points, we get down to work in day-to-day practice.

Team coaching

Numerous factors operate within teams that affect the performance of the group and the well-being of each member. How do you enter into dialogue with one another, and how do you handle conflicts between team members? With the help of behavioural typologies, you will gain insight into other people’s behaviour and learn how to deal with it constructively. An experienced coach guides the entire team in day-to-day situations and follows up on the action points.

Management coaching

At Uliya we offer a specific coaching process tailored to the needs of managers. Leadership is a challenge. It requires energy and flexibility and is often accompanied by uncertainty. We’ll be happy to support you as you address your action points in order to get results, on both a business and a personal level.

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